Steel Structures

We design, verify and conduct peer-review of all typologies of steel structures. Our expertise includes light weight grid-shells, heavy industrial buildings in seismic regions and long-span stadia roofing. Using a complete set of advanced FEM solutions, we model and design complex structures and the most challenging connections.
Steel Structures

Specialized Erection Engineering

We supply the complete spectrum of design services related to erection engineering. From the design of simple spreader-bars to the stability analysis of structures or equipment being lifted, we use advanced methods and modelling to provide economical solutions to the challenges of heavy and complicated lifts. Our services also include detailed 3D erection sequencing documents and method statement, rigging plans, shoring and jacking design and advanced full non-linear staged construction analysis of complex structures.
Specialized Erection Engineering

Site Assistance

Our background allows us to bridge the distance between design and execution. We provide full site-assistance to share our experience and ensure the proper means and methods are being executed at site in the safest manner.
Site Assistance

Code and Programming

We have full automation capabilities which allow for the development of massive data procedural treatment for the structural numerical checks. This is a key advantage for the usage of finite element methods and for the incremental construction analyses, both having an enormous quantity of different data sets to be verified and analysed. Our in-house developed tools provide us the agility and speed required to meet the schedule of the most challenging and complexes projects.
Code and Programming

Established Clients

We provide personalized services and solutions that meet our clients' required standards for quality and safety:

Multinational Projects

We work worldwide. We speak many languages and communicate with many different cultures. Here is a list of the countries to which our projects have taken us, and we hope to expand this list even more.

Construtora Norberto Odebrecht Construtora Norberto Odebrecht , Refineries and Stadia

The performed jobs include rigging engineering and general consultancy in steel structures for industrial plants – such as petrochemical complexes and power plants – and also large scale civil construction, for example the Arena Corinthians Stadium in São Paulo - Brazil.

Whiting Turner Contracting Company Whiting Turner Contracting Company, Steel Structures

Erection engineering for the staged construction analysis of a form found grid-shell structure.

MBJ - Meyer | Borgman | Johnson MBJ - Meyer | Borgman | Johnson, Steel Structures

Several erection and structural engineering projects.

Queiroz Galvão Group Queiroz Galvão Group, Rigging and Steel Structures

We conducted the complete peer review of the crane system, including the support steel towers and the suitability of the cable system. The analyses of the cable system required the development of a customized non-linear finite element solver to allow the cable to run over the support of the top of the towers in order to calculate its loads and deformations.

ALE - Heavy Lift ALE - Heavy Lift, Rigging

Lifting points design and design of a custom made davit for an large scale industrial chimney.

Punta Catalina Project Punta Catalina Project, Rigging and Steel Structures

For the Punta Catalina Project in the Dominican Republic we worked on the definition of the construction strategy for the two boilers of the thermal plant, in which modularization concepts were applied for both the steel structure and the pressure parts. The total amount of steel weighed, for each boiler unit, around 12000 tons. We also worked as general engineering consultant for the structures and rigging operations.

Construtora OAS Construtora OAS, Rigging of Structures

The work included the rigging plan preparation and the engineering verifications for the installation of the prestressed concrete beams and steel beams for several of the bridges and underpasses of the Sir Solomons Hochoy’s highway extension in Trinidad and Tobago.

Hochtief Hochtief, Steel Structures

The works included constructability reports and structural analyses for a symbolic high-rise building in Rio de Janeiro.

Cimolai Cimolai, Steel Structures

Lifting engineering for a pedestrian walkway with very irregular geometry.

Ambev Ambev, Steel Structures

Works include project consultancy and quality verification of steel structures.

Ethylene XXI Ethylene XXI, Rigging and Steel Structures

For the Braskem and Idesa’s enterprise in Coatzacoalcos – Mexico, we conducted rigging verifications for towers of up to 900 Tons and created the modularized rigging strategy of a high steel tower.

Engenhão Consortium Engenhão Consortium, Steel Structures

During the recovery of the Engenhão’s steel structural roofing, we worked on engineering verifications of the reinforcement structural project. We also conducted field conformity inspections of the existing structure and its newly installed reinforcements.

Elecnor Elecnor, Rigging and Steel Structures

Lifting engineering for a large-scale Air Separation Unit in the Bellara Steel Complex in Algeria.

Stanley D. Lindsey and Associates, Ltd. Stanley D. Lindsey and Associates, Ltd., Steel Structures

SDL is a partner for erection engineering activities and software development.