About Us

Who are we?

Emasa Engineering is a company for design and consultancy on structures that provides independent engineering services since January 2011. Formed by professionals who worked in large design, construction and software development companies, we are highly experienced in a wide spectrum of office and construction site activities. From overseeing critical heavy lifts to massive procedural numeric handling for full non-linear structural problems, we can deliver integrated engineering solutions.

Along with the usual structural engineering design, we are highly specialized in studies for improvements on constructability, modularization strategies and Erection Engineering. We focus on working with the project team to develop the most cost-effective structural design and method for the erection.

Our software development skills allow us to have a complete toolkit of in-house software and plug-in solutions which makes us extremely efficient for complex structural engineering problems and Finite Element Analysis.



Our Expertise

Structural Design
Software Development and Programming
Heavy and Complicated Lifts
Constructability and Erection Engineering
Shoring Design and Incremental Construction Analysis
Heavy Haul Transport Analysis

Meet our Engineers

Our team of engineers has a large experience acquired from works performed in large construction companies.

Eng. Luiz Francisco

Structural and Civil Engineer

Experienced structural engineer and heavy lift specialist with a important structural detailing background.

Eng. Rafael

Computer and Structural Engineer

Blends advanced programming and numeric manipulation applied for structural design with large construction site experience.