About Us

Who are we?

Emasa Engineering is a company for consultancy on steel structures. We are highly specialized in studies for their assembly, improvements of constructability strategies and rigging. For that, we design customized devices and assembly optimizations for the rigging of steel modules and equipment.

With professionals having experience since January 2011, we have a great knowledge on the assembly engineering and constructability, performing analyses that include:

  • Analysis for the modularization of complex and large steel structures.
  • Design and verification of rigging devices, such as lifting lugs and trunnions, through the application of finite element methods.
  • Design and dimensioning of complex lifting arrangements, such as using several spreader beams design of rigid lifting frame for the rigging of steel modules and complex arrangements with single hook and no spreader beam.
  • Structural verification of steel modules and equipment, with the design of reinforcements where applicable.

Beyond that, due to our expertise in steel structures, we can supply all kind of consultancy, verifications, designs and quality control for a wide range of projects.

Emasa Engineering is also capacitated for the verification and analysis of heavy haul land transportation using SPMTs.



Our Focus

Steel Structures
Mechanical Devices
Heavy Haul Transport

Meet the Team

Our team of engineers has a large experience acquired from works performed in construction companies.

Eng. Luiz Francisco

Civil Engineer

Rigging and steel structures specialist.

Eng. Rafael

Computer and Electrical Engineer

Finite element and numeric calculus specialist.