Structural and rigging verification of steel modules and chimney towers of the HRSG and Boiler of the UTL-11 plant.
Itaboraí - BRAZIL

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Project Description

Utility plant of the Rio de Janeiro petrochemical complex situated at Itaboraí – Rio de Janeiro. EMASA acted as consultants for the structural and rigging engineering for the assembly of the steam generation and distribution, composed of two gas boilers and two heat recovering steam generators (HRSG), two gas turbines, two steam turbines and four generators.

The planned and validated riggings comprised chimneys, panels and modules of the boiler and large ducts. The works included the structural reverificaiton of the elements to be rigged, along with their lifting lugs and spreader beams, performed using finite element analysis and the design of rigging plans for the operations.

Rigging devices were also designed for the rigging of large pre-cast concrete parts that composed the channels of water treatment stations.

Project Information


Where: Itaboraí - BRAZIL

Approximate Total Weight: 1900 Tons