Ethylene XXI

Implementation of modularization strategy for a 70m (230ft) multi-story industrial building and heavy lift verification for mechanical equipment weighting up to 900Tons.
Coatzacoalcos - MEXICO

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Project Description

Steel structure modularization and equipment verification of up to 900Tons.

Emasa Engineering performed erection engineering studies for the assembly of steel buildings of about 70m (230ft) height for the HDPE reactors. The structure was divided in 6 modules weighing between 150 to 250 Tons, built on temporary foundations at ground level and then rigged to its final position. The modularized strategy brought documented positive results in schedule and safety.

General rigging engineering studies for the cracker tower, reactors, steel bridges, pre-cast modules were performed, along with the peer-review of project quality of steel buildings.


Mexico - Veracruz State


Ethylene XXI

Ethylene XXI

  • The Tide Footbridge

    Lifting engineering for the rotation and erection of plate-like modules with very irregular geometries for a landmark foot-bridge part of the large-scale renovation project of the Greenwich Peninsula Region.
    London - UK

  • Corinthians Arena

    Erection engineering, Heavy Lift analyses and connection peer review for the roofing. Large scale and very irregular steel modules where assembled, weighting up to 400Tons.
    São Paulo - BRAZIL

  • Rio's Olympic Stadium Recovery

    Analysis for the recovery of the roofing of the Olympic Stadium for the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympic games. The stadium, with its undulated roofing of an atypical arched structure, has a capacity for 47.000 spectators.
    Rio de Janeiro - BRAZIL

  • Punta Catalina

    720MW Thermoelectric power plant comprised of two boilers weighing approximately 12.000 Tons of steel structures with large application of modularization. Erection studies performed also for turbines, generators, desulfurization systems and a seaport for the coal delivery.

  • Bellara Steel Complex

    Erection engineering for the installation of an Air Separation Unit with three large Coldboxes (weighting up to 160ton). Works included terrain and underground checks using FEA and a comprehensive site assistance campaign.
    Bellara - ALGERIA

  • Tamoios Cable Crane

    Structural engineering for the review of the cables and the supporting steel towers for a 20Ton cable crane system used in a highway construction. Advanced non-linear iterative FE procedures and dedicated codes were used for the cable’s analyses.
    São Paulo - BRAZIL

  • Ethylene XXI

    Implementation of modularization strategy for a 70m (230ft) multi-story industrial building and heavy lift verification for mechanical equipment weighting up to 900Tons.
    Coatzacoalcos - MEXICO

  • Pampa Sul Chimney

    Design of the lifting trunnions and stability check of the shell of a 195m (640ft) steel chimney erected inside a concrete structure.

  • Corinthians Arena - Mezzanine

    Structural project of the north and south mezzanines of the Corinthians Stadium. The project weighing 400 Tons and with an area of 1800m2 has a complex support typology and holds the north and south large scale screens.
    Itaquera - BRAZIL

  • Hochoy Highway Extension

    Rigging engineering for the erection of steel and prestressed concrete beams for the special artworks.

  • Comperj

    Structural and rigging verification of steel modules and chimney towers of the HRSG and Boiler of the UTL-11 plant.
    Rio de Janeiro - BRAZIL

  • Baixada Soccer Stadium

    Heavy Lift verification for a retractable roof structure of about 450Tons and 70m (230ft) of free span.
    Curitiba - BRAZIL

  • Butadiene II

    Heavy Lift analyses of the process towers for a Butadiene production plant situated at the petrochemical complex of Braskem. The unit produces 103.000 Tons/year.
    Triunfo - BRAZIL

  • Patío da Marítima

    Technical evaluation on the constructability of composite inclined mega-columns with flanged connection. Analysis involved site inspection and reporting.
    Rio de Janeiro - BRAZIL

  • Corinthians Arena – Temporary Seats

    Peer review and site inspection for the structures which supported the temporary seats for the stadium during the 2014 World Cup. The structure was a mixture of wide-flange profiles and scaffolding to accommodate 20.000 spectators.
    Itaquera - BRAZIL

  • Bridge in Colatina

    Enlargement of the bridge comprising of the mixed beams (steel and concrete) with full section and unbraced lengths of 26m.
    Colatina - BRAZIL

  • Itaqui Sea Harbour

    Enlargement of the port terminal.
    Itaqui - BRAZIL