Congresses, Conferences and Presentations

Emasa Engineering believes that science and technology belongs to us all. Thus we share, as much as possible, our findings and our developments with the engineering and scientific community.

12th Pacific Structural Steel Conference 2019

The PSSC is the most important Structural Steel Conference in Asia. In 2019, Emasa will present (Nov 2019) two papers: the first is a case study of the erection engineering of a plated structure with complex geometry and the second is a manual for how to conduct buckling checks of a structure being lifted.

NASCC: The Steel Conference 2019

The NASCC: The Steel Conference, organized by the AISC, is the most important Structural Steel Conference in North America and in the World. Emasa was invited to share its experience regarding Heavy and Complicated Lifts with an audience of more than 200 members of the structural steel industry. Both the PDF and the recording of the presentation may be found here below.

8th Eurosteel 2017

The Eurosteel, organized by the ECCS, is the most important Structural Steel Conference in Europe. In 2017, Emasa presented an in-house solid Finite Element study in which the load distribution on anchor bolts is proven to be uneven. It is highly dependent on the bolt arrangement and on the stiffness of the base plate, among other factors.

11th Pacific Structural Steel Conference 2016

The PSSC is the most important Structural Steel Conference in Asia. In 2016, Emasa presented two papers: the first showing a comparison of the results of analyses of long cylindrical members conducted using the AISC and the EUROCODE and the second about single through bolt connections with gap.

7th Construmetal 2016

The Construmetal is the most relevant conference for steel construction in Latin America. Emasa shared its experience developing erection engineering for the construction projects it had been engaged.

Latin American Construction Magazine

In 2016, Emasa published an article in the "Construção Latino-Americana" magazine.

The article, available in two languagues, shares the benefits in terms of costs, schedule and safety of adopting a modularization strategy.