Our Services

Safe and Highly Efficient Engineering

The works provided by Emasa are always performed with great respect to precision, cost and schedule.

Structural Design

With great experience on structural calculation for both steel and concrete, Emasa designs multi-story buildings, industrial mill buildings, pipe racks, temporary work structures, etc. which comply with both European and American most recognized structural codes. Calculation provided by Emasa are optimized for material consumption reduction, but always with the safety assurance and our designs always aim for easy constructability.

Advanced Structural Analysis

We are advanced Finite Element Method Users and we partner with Ansys® to provide the most current state-of-the art solutions in structural analyses to our clients. Highly non-linear structural problems are part of our routine. Using comprehensive programming and computational numeric handling, we deal with challenges such as incremental construction, plasticity, cable-tensioning and cable form-finding, contact mechanics (used in clamps design) and buckling in the most efficient way.

Heavy and Complicated Lifts

Beyond the usual rigging plan, Emasa performs under-the-hook stability analyses and designs the lifting points, reinforcements for the items to be lifted, precise rigging geometry and rigging devices in the most refined manner. The rigging arrangement designed by us ensure the alignment, stability and the mechanical resistance for the entire duration of the operation. The operations designed by Emasa aim invariably at the optimal usage of machines and devices to provide cost reduction for the client, while at the same time complying with the most respected standards and safety best practices.

Modularization, Constructability and Method Statement

Emasa works closely with the project team to develop the most efficient erection methodology. That results in full colorized 3D erection sequence documentation and method statement (often mentioned as "Ikea" Instructions) and very appealing presentations of the erection concept for the contractors and owners. By optimizing the modularization, the construction benefits with work in parallel at low elevation together with reduced schedule and cost.